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Indulge in 75+ years of chocolate mastery - Enjoy a timeless tradition of sweetness...

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Meticulously hand crafted for you...

Photo of closeup chocolate and pecans
Picture of Sweetlanes ready to go handmade chocolates
Picture of Eric and Wanda Sweetlane Chocolate Shop Owners

Sweetlane Chocolate Shop: A 70-year legacy of exceptional chocolates. Passed down through generations, the family secrets now continue with Eric and Wanda Mikula. Using hand-selected ingredients and time-honored techniques, we create original handmade chocolates, like hand-dipped nuts, gourmet truffles, and chocolate-covered strawberries along with milkshakes and soft serve ice cream. From Kiski Valley to your taste buds, experience our dedication to delicious, high-quality treats made with love.


Picure of a Mother's Day Basket that includes 1/2# chocolate covered strawberries, 4 pack cordial cherries, solid chocolate heart, $10 gift card to Grant Ave Coffee Co, Bottle of Edgewood Winery wine, $5 Lottery Ticket, and a Pugliese's Red Rose in a decorated basket

Build a box, the perfect gift awaits...

Picture of a chocolate basket perfect for a last minute gift

Customize your chocolate experience

Hand-select your favorites to make the perfect gift...

Picture of a chocolate basket perfect for a last minute gift

Craft Your Chocolate Collection

From smooth milk chocolate, rich dark chocolate, creamy white chocolate, to guilt-free sugar-free options.

Picture of Sweetlane's handmade english toffee
Picture of gorgeous chocolate covered strawberries at Sweetlane
Picture of White Chocolate Red Velvet Cake Bites and behind them are Dark Chocolate Fudge Meltaways

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A rich, decadent treat made with a high percentage of cocoa.

Dark Chocolate

A sweet and creamy treat made with a blend of cocoa and milk.

Milk Chocolate

A smooth, creamy treat made with cocoa butter, sugar, and milk.

White Chocolate

A delicious treat made with sugar substitutes, perfect for those who are watching their sugar intake.

Sugar Free Chocolate

An indulgent assortment featuring all available flavor variations, perfect for those who crave variety in their treats.

Mixed Assortment

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